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Mobile Barcode Scanning for Student Tracking

Pocketable Productvity for Career Professionals on the Move

C3Mpda is an optional add-on PDA component module that can e used with the Career Center Contact Manager (C3M) application suite, from Digital Revolutions.

C3Mpda expands the capability of C3M providing mobile capture of student participation in workshops, presentations and events, eliminating the need to carry around and setup laptops or for sign-in sheets and back entry of attendance data. *Note : To print name badges a laptop configuration is still required.

Simply scan each student ID card, or optionally key in the student id number, as participants arrive. Following the event, sync the SPT 1550 at your workstation, and the participation information will be transferred into C3M.

C3Mpda is optimized to work with the Symbol SPT 1550. 1 The light, pocket-sized design of the SPT1550 makes it fit comfortably in the hand and is easily carried in a briefcase or bag for quick access whenever it’s needed.

With standard Palm productivity applications and the ability to scan bar codes, the SPT1550 combined with C3Mpda is an easy-to-use tool for speeding your data collection, improving process efficiencies and increasing the range and accuracy of enterprise information.

C3Mpda provides a simple, intuitive interface which can be mastered in just a few minutes. The one-touch data synchronization reduces data input errors, and decreases the wait time for hand entering attendance after the event.

Superior Features for Maximum Performance

The SPT1550 is 100% compatible with Palm OS® hardware and software and offers mobile professionals significant advantages with benefits in data capture, information access and computing power. The SPT1550 features an integrated scan engine and conveniently placed scan triggers, enabling fast, efficient, and accurate data capture. This is the smallest, lightest, and brightest engine available today, enabling the SPT1550 to deliver premium performance bar code scanning.

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