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Career Center Contact Manager

This is the main module where most staff functions on a daily basis. When logged into this module, you can see the virtual waiting room, what students are waiting to be seen by you, or others in the office. From this module, you can view a student’s profile, which would include their academic information, such as current class standing, majors/minors, options. Contact information, addresses, phone numbers and email. You will also be able to see a complete history of the contacts/events that this student has had with the Career Center. From this module the user would complete the check-in process, and record any counseling notes for this visit. You can also initiate an email directly to the student and record telephone or other email contacts. This module also allows you to run predefined reports, look at real-time statistics, view detailed event information and perform custom ad-hoc queries. Other administrative functions are contained within this module, but are only accessible to those users identified as administrators.

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